Hi, I am Deasha

Social media doesn’t have to be pay to play! 

I want to get this clear right from the start, there are a lot of people out there saying this type of rubbish. But I want to help you get clear on one thing. You can organically grow your business without paying for ads. You simply just need to know how to do it in a way that is creative, unique and authentic to you! 

That means no cookie-cutter approaches, no templates, no “no this one thing and your business will change”. What I teach in my coaching is not easy, it takes work, it takes consistency but it is worth it to be able to attract your ideal clients to you consistently, to feel aligned with how you talk to your clients and to know that this is the way you can show up in your business long after we finish working together. 

You are fabulous, your business deserves to shine and you deserve all the abundance and freedom that your heart desires. Now go grab it with both hands! 



Attract Dream Clients is the group program that takes you through getting your first clients using other peoples Facebook groups and organic marketing strategies. Clients that have gone through this program have fone from 400 euros a month to 3k per month in 5 weeks.


Building an organic marketing strategy is just about having fun and building relationships with your ideal clients. During this program, we will build out an ecosystem that makes attracting clients so easy you can do it whilst sipping a glass of wine on a beach. Together we will put together systems that will allow you to scale!

How to Attract Your Soul Clients Without Ads

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11 Steps to Growing Your Facebook Group

You have a Facebook group but are struggling to grow it, I feel your pain. My group and email list grow daily. Here are my top tips.

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