Attraction System

Are you…

Struggling to make sales?

Not sure why your offer doesn’t resonate with your ideal clients?

Fed up of jumping on calls with people that can’t afford you?


Clients are looking for you! You just need to show up so they can find you!

Your clients want to buy from you, they want to support you, you are just not offering them something they want yet…

The difference is that people often don’t know what they need but they know what they want. 

You want sales,

You want a waitlist for your services 

You want to hit those 5k-10k months 

You want to quit your job

Imagine what your life would be like when you finally hit the enter button on the email with your resignation to the job you hate or when you get to treat yourself to that holiday of your dreams. When you can invest in your business without having to analyse everything you spend. When you can take yourself for a pedicure in the middle of the day just because…

What if I could show you the steps to do this…

What if I could put all the thousands of pounds I have spent in personal development into £697 so that you can hit the goals I have done for so much less money than I have spent! 


Stand out amongst the noise in the groups. Have dream clients sliding into your DM’s


I will show you how to get content that will get wild engagement in groups. 


It is no good pumping out amazing content if you don’t know how to convert them to paying clients. This is the crucial part of the program. 

   How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

This program IS for those of you that want to get sales from Facebook Groups. It is for people that want to stand out from the noise, have clients in your DM’s ready to work with you. You do need to something to sell, I cannot get you clients, if you do not have a service to sell. 

It is NOT for those that sell e-commerce or MLM. It is not for you if you haven’t got a clue what you want to offer and it is not for you if you think your business is going to make your some fast $$$ and you are not here for the long term. 

Do I need to be in Facebook Groups

 In a word, no. You don’t need to do anything in your business, but Facebook groups are a great strategy to use so that you do not have to pay for ads to gain clients. 

Will this take a lot of time to do?

The initial set up is often time consuming depending on how much you spend on content creation, however once the posts are created, I teach you the strategies to do this quickly every day. 

Can I do this without being spammy?

Yes, of course. The strategies I teach do not require you to be spammy at all! In fact I would prefer that you never send another cold spammy sales message ever again. 

What if I am just starting out?

We all started somewhere and using other peoples Facebook groups is an easy and quick way to grow your business and get clients without needing a fancy website or even a business page on Facebook. 


How to Attract Your Soul Clients Without Ads

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