Have you….

Been in business a while?
have a few clients?
made a difference in the world even if it is small right now?

but you want more…

MORE clients,

MORE sales and

MORE impact!

That is where I come in, together we work through what is holding your ideal clients back from booking a call or buying from you! You know they are out there, you know they are following you, stalking your posts but they are just not hitting the buy button.

If you already have results from clients that you loved working with then I know that you can replicate this, grow your business and hit your dream goals in 2020! (You know, the ones you are too afraid to write down)

The world of marketing, funnels and social media may feel like it is over your head but I promise it doesn’t have to be gobbledygook. I take it step by step and make the process so simple. We even record each session so that you can refer back to them at a later stage so that you are not missing what I am saying by madly taking notes.

When I started working with Antonia, she “was at sea with her social media” she didn’t know what she was meant to be posting or where she was meant to be posting it. Together we created posts that would work for her ideal client, she used her special unique sparkle to attract her clients and we crafted an outreach strategy that allowed her to get reach in groups her ideal clients were hanging out in.

You will realise that the world of marketing, strategy and content creation that you have feared for so long is not a mythical unicorn that you don’t understand. It is simple steps, I can show you where the steps are to make it to the next level in your business.


Together we make sure you understand and your customer understands the process they need to take to work with you


Together, we will go through all of your social media and make sure they are driving traffic automatically so you don’t need to rely on adverts to grow.


Together we work on your content pillars, which includes how to structure posts and creating engaging copy


If you need help with setting up adverts then we can do that together, we will analyse what is working and create a plan for you.


We will create an outreach strategy – This is the strategy that you help you get in front of your soul clients without paying for ads.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

This is an intense process and it is not for the faint-hearted. There will be homework for you to go away and do, you will need to schedule time to do this but once this is set up you can effectively hand it over to a virtual assistant to help you moving forward as you grow your business and want to work more with your clients than marketing.

Do I need a Social Media Coach or a Business Coach

 If you need help setting up your business, working on your mindset and finding freelancers to help you inside your business then you need a business coach. If you are looking for a growth strategy that will help you take your social media and marketing to the next level you need a social media coach. In an ideal world both would be fantastic! 

Is your business helping and supporting other people?

It is important to me that our values align, which is why I only work with entrepreneurs that are making a difference in the world, if your business is having a positive impact in the world then let’s talk. 

Do you have testimonials for your service?

If you do not have testimonials for your business yet, I suggest you find some. Helping people and knowing you can get them results will absolutely help you grow your business.  

Are you willing to put in the work?

This will require work, I am not going to do this for you and I want you to get the most out of everything we go through. So make sure you have time set aside to get the work done in between our calls. 

How to Attract Your Soul Clients Without Ads

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