I love tech…

I wanted to share with you some of the things that have really helped me in my business. I warn you if you do buy any of these things using these links then I may receive a small fee but I will love you forever!


Scroll down for some courses that I love too…


I love Dubsado because it systemises everything and makes my life so easy. Everything from booking calls to signing contracts and taking recurring payments from my clients.


I love Siteground because their customer service has been fantastic, wherever in the world you are you can jump on a chat with them and they will help you as best as they can. The servers have always been great and as soon as you upgrade to grow you can add as many websites as you like. 

Group Leads

I love GroupLeads because it makes growing my group super easy. It allows me to collect data easily for GDPR purposes and to add them into my email system to send them a welcome email as soon as they join. It also allows me to welcome them on a personal level with a personalised message.


I love Canva because it makes designing so much easier. The pro version allows you to create transparent backgrounds, save branding guidelines and put designs into folders so that you can easily access them when needed.


I love ActiveCampaign because it makes automations so easy. I can add people in using landing pages on my website or other automations and have them be lead through a funnel with different conditions. I receive emails from people telling me all the time how thoughtful my emails are. 


I love Chatsilo because it allows me to organise my inbox. When you have a complex organic marketing strategy and are consistently talking to new people about services you offer it is important to have a system and have the inbox organised. This is a massive help!


Do you know something I would love then feel free to share it with me. I am always looking for things I can do differently. 


If you love me, then I would love to support you. I pay 10% referral fees to anyone that signs up with me and let’s me know you referred them. 

I love courses…


I love the KBB program because it has become a massive global community of entrepreneurs that are all growing and helping each other to become bigger and better. It is headed up by Dean Grasozi and Tony Robbins and also has amazing people like Jenna Kutcher and Russel Brunson also helping out in the course content. The program is a no brainer for anyone that wants to build out any knowledge based business.


I love NLP training because it gave me a real insight into the science and art of the human brain. Why you make decisions and how I can change what I offer to help you and be of better service to you. Rebecca Lockward’s online course has been amazing and she is so hands on. If you head over and check her out please let her know I sent you. 

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