Mindset Course

Do you know that you are not charging enough for your services? 

Maybe no one is buying your high ticket offer and you don’t know why


Perhaps you just don’t feel worthy of the prices you are charging.

I struggled with all of this when I started as a social media manager in 2016 and it took some real mindset shifts to see my value and increase my income. 

It didn’t happen over night and it is a constant battle to make sure that you are aware of your thoughts, conscious about your actions and willfully bringing the money you deserve into your life.  

If you have been following me for a while, you will know I am a strategy building, to-do list style person that struggles with the woo. 


So, although I have added some woo into this course, it is more about action steps you can take, guides you can put into place to really move your income and lots of to do lists!

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Now, I am not going to tell you to build a 4 hour morning routine or a 3 hour night time routine. I am going to give you options to build things for you. Some steps will be daily and others you will just need to do every now and again.

We are not setting 6 figure months as our goals if we have not had a 6 figure year yet. We are working towards incremental shifts in your mindset to slowly upgrade. 

Right now, you can jump into the kiddies pool. I am going to teach you jump into the adults pool and one day, together we will climb to the top of the diving board and leap off that darn thing too! 

These are the things that I have done to grow my income steadily. No, I am not a millionaire…yet but I know it is in my future and it can be in yours too. 

For the first 50 people that sign up the course is just £9.99!

All I ask is that you complete it and you give me a testimonial on how you found it.

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With only a little bit of woo!


And see your value!



Be one of the first 50 people to grab the course at the bargain price of £9.99.

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